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Jason Buie - "Driftin 'Heart"

By Mladen LonĨar - Mike Created On: 12 September 2017
Jason Buie
When it comes to Sarah French and her promotional work, there really is no joke, since this Canadian promoter is surprisingly surprised by all of us who are doing this business and above all we love this musical style.
The album "Driftin 'Heart" with its 11 songs is a real surprise to many fans of blues all over the world. Ever since it was released on May 20, all those who got it through Sarah French Publicity, as well as my mildness, remained surprised. The proud owner of this album is a totally unknown musician, guitarist and singer Jason Buie.
I know, many would just leave this album on the side and would not put it so close to it, but as soon as it's released, things are changing from the roots. In fact, as you lower each other, songs from this album so easy to understand that you are back in the beginning and the dark when you think, I'm just doing it, all that I have in a small finger ... resin ... you're just a little roller , the beads who did not hear much of the rich musical offer. Namely, Jason Buie has been performing for 20 years all over the world, from Canada and America to Europe and Japan. Over the past two decades, Jason has performed in front of the big names of world blues scenes: Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Mick Taylor, John Mayall, Jeff Healey, Robert Cray are just some of them. What do I say, where I've been all these years ... So I listened to blues, watched the blues scene and how did I come to this name? I do not have any! The world's blues scene is so big that you simply can not control it and that's why you hear something new, you hear someone who plays so well, who has everything in a small fingers, but for this or that reason and much more this passes by you and you can not do anything or change it.
For this reason, I am so happy and proud that by doing this job I have every chance to get to know something so good, fresh, new and extremely good quality and above all.
As Drifting Heart is the third album of this Canadian blues musician, I have some sense that all this is based basically on the rich legacy and influence of Alberta King, Guitar Slim and Stevie Row Vaughan, but Jason simply adapted all these influences to himself and formed his own the original musical expression, which he presents so sincerely and sincerely. All this is helped by John Hunter on drums, George Fenn on bass guitar and Dave Webb on keyboards. So I'm not surprised when Mike Devlin from The Victoria Times Jason describes it as "One of the most esteemed blues guitar players Vancouver Island has ever produced."
The fact that 11 of the seven songs are copyrighted tells us that it is a musician who simply wants to be his. And its winning formula goes like this: if you add an expressive vocal, a sparkling guitar and an excellent back team to the exquisite and inspired mix of blues, fun, rock and soul ... there is no problem, you have a great reason for your satisfaction and success. That's why this album gives the opportunity to create Jason as another new attraction on the world blues scene.
No doubt, the album "Drifting Heart" by Jason Buie is a true refreshment and after a summer break it's a real choice to get you back to listening to blues, to get you on the party and dance. All the elements for an excellent album are fulfilled and therefore there is no reason for any doubt. Be sure to look for this album ... you will not regret it!
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Yours bluesy,
Mladen Loncar - Mike

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