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Canadian guitarist / singer and songwriter Jason Buie has consistently performed at festivals and clubs in Canada, Europe, the United States and Japan in the last fifteen years. He shared the stage with Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Mick Taylor, Jeff Healey, John Mayall and Robert Cray. Since its release of its debut album 'Urban Blues', which received good reviews, its name recognition continues to grow. In 2009, the live album "Live At the Blue Gator" appeared. Jason's music mainly consists of blues, funk, rock and soul with southern influences. Jason is also co-founder and director of The White Rock Blues Society and in British Columbia he started the Blues In Schools project. Since the end of May, his third album has been bought, which won the title 'Driftin' Heart '.
 The album 'Driftin' Heart 'instantly opens with the exquisite and exciting swampy bluesrocker' Fool From The Start ', in which Jason immediately packs out with slim stringed strings. Drummer John Hunter and bassist George Fenn provide a driving immersive groove and keyboardist Dave Webb provides the instrumental finish with handsome keyboard work. After that, Jason finds time to build a party at home, with the swinging shuffle 'House Party'. The fact that this song is very suitable for a party, we do not have to say. Bassist George Fenn provides a handsome smooth bass line, on which Jason Buie makes a fresh impression on the strings of his guitar, and Dave Webb again impresses with a freshly tangible solo on the piano. Buie pushes the accelerator further for the swinging rocker 'West Coast Daddy', which is ideally suited for the rock'n'roll fans. Allow the bones to swell in the air. Again, Jason knows this number with her fender strings with his Fender Stratocaster. 'Government Man' is a tight mid-tempo rocker with shattering guitar work. The title track 'Driftin' Heart 'was written by Sue Foley, but Jason has given the number of other arrangements and now has a big Randy Newman content. Again, guitarist Jason Buie and pianist David Webb know how to charm their instrument with vivid and handsome touches.
 It stays calm with the catchy slow blow 'Stay The Night'. With sharp-fierce strings, with which Albert and Freddie King often unpacked, Jason Buie pulls out the very handsome '12 O'Clock Check Out'. During this handsome blues rocker, Jason is explicitly present with those heavenly tearing guitar sounds. Pianist David Webb knows with sublime riffs on the keys to brighten the solid guitar-driven shuffle 'Last love Affair'. George Fenn on bass and John Hunter on drums once again hear that they can put an excellent groove. The Jimmy Rogers cover 'You're So Sweet' is a classic Texas shuffle, in which the instrumental virtuoso Jason Buie and David Webb once again show their class. The Canadian concludes with the Cold Cold Feeling written by Jesse Mae Robinson. In this blues performed by Hammond, Jason brings out his sixth string for the last time on this album. 'Driftin' Heart 'by Jason Buie is an excellent album. Jason has an attractive voice and is a brilliant guitarist. (8/10)

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